Texas Property Tax Exemption for Solar or Wind-Powered Energy Devices

In the great state of Texas there are many exemptions property owners and taxpayers may be eligible for, solar or wind-powered energy devices being one of them. Filling out and submitting this form is just as easy as applying for your homestead exemption.

Texas Application for Exemption for Solar or Wind-Powered Energy Devices

Texas Solar Buyback Plans

Other than producing your own energy, another perk to having a solar panel system in the possibility to enroll in one of many solar buyback plans. (Assuming that your electricity offset is more than 100% – meaning that you are producing more than you use.)

Monthly rate based on 2000 kWh usage. Information updated 03/28/2022

Wattage Worksheet

When a storm knocks your electricity out, how will you keep your fridge running? How will you keep everyone’s cell phones charged? How will you power a box fan because no electricity means no air conditioning?

Simple solution: generators.

Generators come in a variety of sizes and with varying wattage outputs. To help you determine the size of a generator you may need for the next big storm, click the pink icon to the left to download out Wattage Worksheet.

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